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A world without violence, where families can thrive and prosper. Where being a woman is something to celebrate and there is opportunity for each woman to honour her unique gifts. This is the world we believe is possible.

Each day our team of dedicated support workers, counsellors and advocates support women who are living with violence in their lives. We help women and their children to be safe and make good decisions for their families - we meet women wherever they are at and walk beside them in their journey. We also support perpetrators of violence who are looking for an opportunity to change their patterns and live in peace with their family.

We work with women to gain their strength, to empower their lives, to share their stories, to become a community of support. We believe that solutions must be driven by the people who have experienced the struggle.

We know that when a community comes together it is capable of great things. The WRRC community includes neighbours, schools, businesses and partner agencies. We cannot end violence on our own – but with our community’s support we can make great and lasting change. Our vision is to end abuse against women and children... please, join our community.

Corey Allison, Executive Director


WRRC is seeking several new board members who will bring passion for ending violence against women and support us in the advancement of the women's movement.